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Keep and treat food as your body remembering that over time food will become your body – Richardson

Food: not just calories and nutrients

Food: an alchemy of body and mind

Changing food style helps not only to improve the health of the physical body, but it also significantly increases the energy of the “subtle” body.

If you are intrigued by this topic and you want to improve your level of Well-Being even through a healthier food approach, write us!

We are two Vegetarian Nutritionists who experience in the daily life the alchemic power that food has on the body-mind interaction and we are here happy to share with you our experience and, above all, our joy!

. . . looking forward to see you!!


How can you do it?

We organize with you a live meeting in the cities of Turin, Milan or Pavia or via Skype (30-40 minutes) to deepen the following points:

• reasons and motivations

• any health problems and intolerances

• food preferences and tastes

• habits and lifestyle

• other…


The meeting is followed by sending you all the files you need to follow your new food plan and all the recommendations, case by case. For any information or appointments fill out the form below. Enjoy!


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