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We are two nutritionists

sharing the same vision on nutrition

as well as the same name


Barbara Ferrando

Academic Course:     

  • Degree in Biological Sciences (University of Turin)     
  • Ph.D in Human Genetics (University of Turin)    
  • Specialization in Medical Genetics (Faculty of Medicine, Turin)
  • Masters in Vegetarian Nutrition (University of Ancona)    


  • Yoga and Meditation teacher (India and Italy)
  • Reiki therapist

The human being is a complex universe consisting of a physical, a mental and an emotional level in a constant exchange with each other. Food is a very important instrument to maintain or to restore a state of balance and health.

Therefore, choosing a specific diet means not only nurturing, but also harmonizing the various components, Dosha in Ayurveda, of your being from the grossest level, the physical body, to the most subtle one, mental and spiritual.

Truly speaking i don’t believe in the word “diet” as a merely series of weighed portions, grams and restrictions; i prefer to talk about “lifestyle” in which food is one component of the family: a living and joyful presence!

Indeed, a joyful healthy food improves not only your physical body and self-esteem, but above all it instils energy and quality to your life.

Therefore, my job is to build your nutritional plan like a tailor does with a tailored suit.

It must be designed to be healthy for your constitution, but also it must be tasty and pleasant, in harmony with your tastes and needs.

My job and my passion is to help you in this choice and in this path to experience a state of profound and complete Well-Being on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Barbara Sottocornola

Academic Course:

  •  Degree in Biological Sciences (University of Milano)
  • PhD in Applied Biotecnology (University of Verona)
  • Master in Vegetarian Nutrition (University of Ancona)

In addition to professional academic skills, I am a Pranic healing therapist, Diksha giver and tarot expert.

I started to get interested in feeding from an early age, realizing how much food affects people’s well-being. As I grew older, I realized that food was important for achieving this state, but sometimes it was not always decisive for everyone.

Deepening my studies more and more, I realized that our state of health is the result of a balance that is created between our body, our mind and our emotions, as well as our soul.

In fact, if on the one hand thoughts and emotions are able to condition the state of well-being by acting for example on the effectiveness of digestion, blocking or accelerating it, on the other an intoxicated body, due to wrong eating habits or a polluted environment, it does not allow to have calm thoughts or a calm and peaceful emotional state.

Therefore, the strategies to “feel good” are many, but from a food point of view, they require the consumption of certain foods, without which we would reduce our health as we age.

After becoming a mother, I could further see how some foods can “shake” the children even if they do not containing any exciting substance, while others can keep them calmer and quieter.

My job is to guide people to build a healthier and more functional relationship with food, without sacrificing taste, but enriching new tastes and combinations with their diet.